“To oil the skin is to nurture and heal ourselves at a deep, cellular level.”

Sonja Shah-Williams


Anala Ayurvedic Body Oils provide an opportunity to anoint and perfume the body naturally.
Created as homage to the ancient, spiritual wisdom of Ayurveda, these wonderfully pure and exquisite flower oils are applied after bathing to provide nourishment and healing to both the skin and the deeper tissues, as well as the mind. The daily ritual of anointing the body also creates vital moments for ourselves at the beginning and the end of the day.

Hand blended in England, the Morning and Evening recipes contain some of the most highly prized and revered oils derived from flowers to gently caress the senses, and leave the skin with a delicately perfumed, dewy glow.

Product Photography Deborah Wastie @alchemyofordinarythings

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