I feel so fortunate to have found a mentor like Sonja, not only is she an incredibly experienced practitioner but she helped me get crystal clear on my holistic health work in a kind and compassionate way. She challenged me to think about my work from all angles of my life and also to really help me to get clear on my offering. She has a very gentle yet encouraging way of getting the best out of people. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others in the same boat looking for a well-established practitioner in the discipline of Ayurveda.

Komal George

My consultation with Sonja exceeded all my expectations. It was a totally holistic experience which helped me identify my physical and emotional needs from an Ayurvedic perspective. I saw her due to digestive issues and the dietary and lifestyle advice I was given by her was extremely helpful. The customised diet with delicious recipes allowed me to make the necessary changes in my diet while enjoying food. I think Sonja has a great gift for reading people, this coupled with her Ayurvedic expertise that is rooted in family traditions and strengthened by her studies and experience allows her to be of excellent service to people’s health and wellbeing.”

Uran Apak

Sonja’s knowledge, experience and expertise is, without doubt, deeply profound but comes in the kind of invisible form you only wish you experienced from other health professionals. A session with Sonja is like talking to an old friend – except while you’re talking, she’s also gleaning all she needs to make the necessary recommendations for your optimum potential wellness. The whole experience felt to me like a big, warm gift.

Julian M



“My session with Sonja felt warm and relaxed while she took the time to listen and make suggestions for ways I could optimise my health. Her friendly approach felt non judgemental and allowed for a safe environment to discuss all parts of my wellbeing. She worked sensitively and was very clear in her explanations of things. The dialogue between us felt easy and I found what she had to say fascinating and deeply resonant. Being a holistic practice, Ayurveda takes all parts of living in to account which has always appealed to me. The plan Sonja derived felt manageable and was something I could easily pay attention to day to day. Ayurveda feels like a way of life rather than a diet plan and at the heart promotes ‘balance’ so it’s just as much about the growth and development of the mind as well as the body, never shaming you for how you’re living but embracing ways to make subtle shifts that ongoingly have the power to change your life”.

Gabriel M


I was having gut and bowel problems, and after having seen several GPs to no avail, I was referred to Sonja by a friend. I found her to be professional, yet friendly and patient, and she allowed me to explain my rather personal issues without interruption, before recapping and questioning at the end. I felt Sonja was really listening, engaging with me and taking everything in. Sonja devised my programme and gave me recipes tailored to her diagnosis. For the first time in months, I began to feel better.

Sharon F

I have been suffering from Psoriasis for the last 10 years. Lack of care for myself, poor diet, alcohol, smoking, stress, lack of sleep all manifested in really unhealthy skin. I slowly made changes to my life which focussed on self-care and things slowly improved. Certain things like my psoriatic nails were resistant to change. I heard a lot about Ayurvedic medicine, so I decided to contact Sonja. I met with her and she listened carefully as I talked about my physical and emotional symptoms. She was very easy to talk to and was very empathetic and understanding. She came up with a written personalised and clear plan for dietary and other changes I needed to make in my life. It was very clear and easy to understand.

Within one month of making these changes things improved dramatically. Almost a year has gone past now since I met Sonja and despite slipping from the route and things getting slightly worse, I always go back to it and things improve again. I remain as well as I have been for a decade. I have no doubt in recommending Ayurvedic medicine as a form of treatment. Sonja has the skills and knowledge as well as excellent communication in delivering this ancient old traditional medicine into modern life.

Mabs A

There seems to be no quick fix when it comes to most of our ailments. But there’s a wealth of knowledge in the shape of Ayurveda on how to lead a balanced life in order to prevent a disease. And Sonja has a very unique and modern way of sharing this knowledge. The uniqueness of the service she offers is that it’s not only about the physical and tangible aspects of health (although it is very much about that too) but also about the emotional imbalances.

Sonja has a strong, beautiful and welcoming presence, and she made me totally at ease during our first session. Her high and focused energy meant that in a short period of time she managed to really look at the core things that shape my daily experience of life and my relationship with my body.

In her assessment, she offered lifestyle changes that helped with introducing balance in my life. I was shown and explained the power of self-healing. Going back to the very basics, recalibrating my daily routine, taking care of my mental wellbeing, and, very importantly, taking me back into the kitchen where a lot of the self-healing started for me.

And whilst this will be a long journey, I felt that from the start Sonja pointed me in the right direction, for which I’m so thankful. And I could not recommend her highly enough.

Karolis A

I’ve learnt so much from the Ayurvedic trainings I’ve had with Sonja. She has a wealth of knowledge about Ayurveda and I’m grateful for all she shared with me. The way she explained the concepts were very easy to grasp. I’ve read books about Ayurveda in the past and everything seemed to make more sense once Sonja explained it. I love her energy and the passion she has for these ancient teachings. She has a beautiful way of infusing them into our modern lifestyle. Thank you Sonja!

Saba R

I have been seeing Sonja for the last 5 months (since September 2020) and after many years of stress, sleeplessness, headaches and trying other therapists/remedies, I am finally seeing positive changes . I realise I have been focussing too much on diet and nutrition, and now understand how much your emotions contribute to your overall health too. Sonja is a warm, compassionate and very insightful lady and I have truly valued her time and the individual programme she tailored just for me. I would highly recommend Ayurveda as a way to re-balance your whole self. Thank you Sonja.

Julie K





My journey with Sonja began in August 2020 via zoom due to covid restrictions. I was feeling anxious, fearful and ungrounded for many reasons and was interested in Ayurveda, and how it treats the person as a whole. I also have a rare genetic eye disorder which involves me taking medication, and regular lengthy check-ups. Since being treated by Sonja, my eye specialist has found my condition to be “extremely stable”, which I know is no coincidence. I had a little knowledge, but needed a practitioner to help and guide me. Sonja left no stone unturned during our consultation and organised a programme for me both short and longer term.

Sonja has given me physical, mental and spiritual guidance with endless patience, kindness and care. The consultation was invaluable. Simple changes have had huge impact. I am very aware of which habits are helpful and what hinders my well-being. Her ‘little book of self care’: Ayurveda is delightful. I love working with Sonja! I highly recommend Sonja to anyone wishing to improve their health and wellbeing. 

Amanda J