An initial Ayurvedic consultation gives you the opportunity to talk confidentially about your current health. You may wish to come and see me for a general ‘check up’ for your health and wellbeing, or to address specific matters.

The in-depth consultation allows me time to understand your health history and daily routine, and to conduct some Ayurvedic and modern medicine diagnostics. This detailed approach is typical to Ayurveda, and will help me assess (and crucially help you to understand) your natural mind, body and spiritual constitution. It will give me a clear indication of your current state of holistic health and what the root causes of your imbalances are.

Anala – Ayurvedic Nutrition And Lifestyle Adjustments

Your bespoke Anala programme will be emailed to you within two to three working days of the consultation. It will explain my findings, including your Prakruti (natural constitution) and Vikruti (current state) and give a detailed, properly timed management plan of nutrition choices, lifestyle adjustments such as work/life balance, stress reduction, exercise, prescribed herbal support if required, and emotional considerations. Everything is introduced in stages so that nothing is overwhelming.
Upon commencing the first stage of the programme, you will sense a subtle shift in your being, and will enjoy the feeling of release it will give you, knowing that you are managing your own holistic health, and seeing improvements.

Follow up and ongoing support

After a month of making the first recommended changes, we will meet for an essential follow-up consultation to discuss your progress, the next stage, future goals, and further support, as well as adjustments you may need. Very often, my clients are amazed at the speed with which the positive changes to their health occur, and are keen to share their feelings with me during the follow up session. It is hugely life-changing and empowering to finally begin to heal holistically; however, to achieve lifelong mind, body and spiritual balance takes time, and requires confidential, ongoing support and encouragement. I recommend shorter telephone appointments twice a month for at least the following two months, although as each person’s health circumstances vary; many of my clients require, and benefit hugely, from support for much longer.


Initial Consultation – 1.75 hours
Follow- up consultation – 1 hour

£265.00 to include ANALA bespoke health programme.

Ongoing telephone consultations -45 minutes