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An Ancient Tapestry for Modern Life Audiobook


An Ancient Tapestry For Modern Life is an audiobook that offers all the wisdom and life-changing principles of Ayurveda in a clear and concise language that speaks to anyone who wishes to better navigate the chaos, and frenzy of the contemporary world.

Ayurveda show us how we uniquely respond to the food we eat, exercise, lifestyle, our relationship with ourselves and others, the time of day, the seasons, and our stage of life. Its eternally applicable messages cut through all the modern day confusion around the subject of health and balance, and are relevant for anyone, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, beliefs, and religion.

Some of the things you will discover in this audiobook:

What Ayurveda really is

Why Ayurveda is nothing to do with Wellness

How Ayurveda ’s principles can help you make sense of the world

Who you really are

Why modern life is confusing

What immunity is

The truth about food

What love is

How Motherlove is everything

The huge benefits of proper digestion