Sonja Shah-Williams Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner Ayurveda London

Breakfast is vital fuel for our rested body and mind after a night’s sleep. I am often amazed at how many of my clients dismiss this meal, and carry on with their morning without eating a single thing. They are inevitably consumed by hunger later on. This causes them to reach for the nearest, or easiest foods, often biscuits or pastries, which, whilst satisfying their immediate needs, offer little in the way of nourishment.

Our morning meal, like all meals, should be a balance of nutrients that replenish and re energise the tissues, and satisfy us enough to maintain blood glucose levels, and thus prevent cravings. It should be easy on AGNI, the digestive fire, so as not to overburden it after sleep. Porridge is a pretty perfect breakfast choice, and one that I recommend to most of my clients too. Thankfully, they end up loving this recipe enough to make it part of their daily regimen, as they realise the benefits of starting the day well.

You will notice in this recipe, the lack of the popular addition of fresh fruit that many people now add to their breakfast bowls. In Ayurveda, fruit is always eaten alone, not as part of a meal. So many people today suffer from digestive issues, which are often simply caused by unsuitable food combinations and meal timings. The acidic qualities in most fruits are opposite qualities to the other foods we eat, and create a ‘sour’ environment in the stomach that stops these foods from being properly digested.

This wonderful meal will help you to avoid mid-morning cravings, and provide essential nutrients required for you to get the most out of your day.

Porridge to serve 2:

1 mugful of organic oats

*1 mugful milk

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground cardamom

1/2 tsp ground flaxseeds

*1/2 tsp ground almonds

A good pinch of grated jaggery

*1 chopped dried, pitted date

1 tsp organic ghee



Gently heat the oats and milk for 5 minutes, stirring regularly. Add more milk if needed. Now add the spices, seeds and nuts. Once the oats are softened and the milk has been incorporated, take off the heat. Add the jaggery and chopped date, mix well and add the ghee before serving.

*You can, of course use any milk of choice, and use other nuts instead of almonds, such as pistachios or pecan nuts.

Alternative dried fruits could be raisins, prunes or figs.

If you don’t have jaggery, use dark molasses.