Anala Evening Blend

Detoxifying, anti-ageing, calming and healing.

Developing our own moments of stillness is vitally important in modern life. Evening blend was created with this in mind. It contains sensual jasmine, said to have been used to anoint the Gods, divine Ayurvedic neroli to relax the body and mind, reduce headaches, and prepare us for sleep, french lavender to gently calm tension and soothe the nerves, mandarin oil to pacify insomnia, ease mental exhaustion and eliminate toxins, and wonderful sandalwood mysore, to gently transport us to a sacred place.

Both blends of flower extracts are carried in oils that are nutrient-rich, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. The Ayurvedic queen of oils, sesame, penetrates deep into the tissues, tones the muscles, improves elasticity, aids immunity, imparts a sense of wellbeing, and opens the heart chakra, which is responsible for self love, acceptance and compassion. Sesame oil truly calms the soul. Jojoba is a highly emollient oil that closely resembles the structure of the natural sebum in the skin. It is antioxidant and anti-ageing. Both carriers perfectly pacify all three Doshas, gently reconnect the mind, body and spirit, and bring about a sense of peace and contentment.


100% pure, hand blended plant and flower oils:

Jojoba seed oil
Sesame seed oil
Sandalwood Mysore oil
Jasmine Absolute oil
Neroli oil
French Lavender oil
Mandarin Red oil

Contains allergens: eugenol, geraniol, limonene, linalool.

Directions for Use

Take a few precious moments in the evening to gently rub into slightly damp skin after bathing. Anala oils quickly absorb deep into the skin to impart a dewy glow and exquisite perfume.



Bottled and packaged using ethical and sustainable products:
Amber glass bottles, oil resistant paper labels, cotton drawstring bags, wood wool protective cushioning and cardboard postal boxes.

Please allow around a week for your beautiful oils to be hand blended before being posted to you. This will also allow you time to look forward to them becoming part of your daily self care routine. Thank you

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